5 Things Well-Organized Chefs Do

August 22nd, 2017 | Tips and Tricks

Some chefs have great workflow. They can easily find tools they need without rummaging through kitchen cabinets. They know where each and every ingredient is, where the pots and pans are located and how to use the tools of their trade. This cuts down on prep time and helps to speed up the cooking process.

Here are 5 things well-organized chefs do that can help you in the kitchen:

They Plan Their Meals

Instead of cooking spontaneously, start planning your meals. Well-organized chefs plan their meals in advance. This helps reduce chances of not having certain ingredients, and having to run to the store to find them.

In addition, it helps to eliminate food waste. How? Well, for one, you plan out the amount of ingredients you’ll need, and whether you’ll need to make a large batch or a small one!

They Create a Work Triangle

The ‘work triangle’ revolves around the location of your stove, fridge and sink. Obviously while cooking you need to move to and fro, from the stove to the fridge or sink. These are designed in a way that are not too far apart, but not too close either.

Take out all that you need before you start cooking. If there’s a stool or dustbin that you need, make sure it’s close to your work space.

They Reduce Chances of Injury

They know how to keep safe in the kitchen because they utilize kitchen equipment and tools efficiently. They use cooling ceramics to keep foods cool. They use turner tongs to keep oil from splashing.

They Store Leftovers Wisely

They divide leftovers and store them in food storage containers. They date these containers so that they know what’s inside. The last thing any chef needs to deal with is browsing through frozen foods, not knowing which container contains what. This is time-consuming.

They Organize Their Shelves

They keep their shelves organized. Spices go in one place and oils in the other. They also make sure to label all dry and liquid ingredients that they need. This helps to save time.

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