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Turner Tongs

Joseph Joseph

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  • Large silicone kitchen tongs.

    Turner Tongs are designed to provide both the features of standard kitchen tongs and a large flat turner. Get it today to make your life easier! You can lift and turn all types of foods quickly and easily.

  • These turner tongs make flipping burgers a piece of cake! Not only can you easily lift food items with these silicone tongs, but the flat design also lets you flip them over with ease. Your search for the perfect barbeque tongs is over—invest in this handy tool to make cooking easier!

  • An essential kitchen utensil, the carefully angled arms and wide flat tips of Turner Tongs are ideal for getting under steaks, burgers and even large fish fillets.

    Turner Tongs have silicone tips and are suitable for use with non-stick cookware and are heat-resistant up to 270°C/520°F.

    Turner Tongs also have handy lockable arms for compact storage.


Vendor: Joseph Joseph

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