About Us

Live Culinaire selects specifically designed kitchen tools that are aesthetically beautiful; resolve very specific problems for users and clearly demonstrate creative vision.

Cake servers that function as cake knives and cake slicers are the perfect compliment to wedding cakes, birthday cakes or any occasion cake.  These tools produce the perfect slice without stray pieces that fall apart.  Magisso Cake Server is an exceptional cake serving utensil, cake cutter, party server and cake knife all in one very artistic and functional design tool.  Many thanks to Branding Company, Magisso.

Our search brought us to kitchen whisks that do double duty. These hand held whisks can mix, blend and scrape bowls; two tools in one. It can certainly more than qualify as a best whisk which is an excellent kitchen utensil whisk tool and can be used to ease the task of baking while delivering better batter and is categorized as an excellent food whisk.  Thanks to Branding Company, Joseph Joseph for a job well done.

Tired of tapping those sifters?  Branding Company, Joseph Joseph gives us one that taps itself.  That’s right – a self tapping kitchen sifter and sieve which is a baking sifter, baking and cooking sieve and sieve strainer.  We view this tool as a best wire flour sifter and sieve for fine sifting and straining.

Turner Tongs allows the user to turn and flip food with ease. Kitchen tongs are a must for any functioning home or commercial kitchen and can be used as barbecue tongs, serving tongs, grill tongs.  Turner Tongs takes this best cooking utensil to new heights.  Save some time and energy on those special BBQ events. Serve large or small parties as you flip and turn with ease.  Branding Company Joseph Joseph does it again – kitchen utensil tools that function well.

Our journey takes us further into Cooling Ceramics – a serving bowl and carafe that only requires running cool water over the surface to cool the bowl and carafe allowing both these cool products to remain cool for hours.  Imagine beverages, fruits and salads that remain cool throughout that special dinner party.  Branding Company, Magisso allows us to maintain food quality and safety at its best.

We stay in the cool mode with M-Cuisine Cool Touch Bowls and Mugs.  Warm your favorite soups, stews and beverages; remove bowls and mugs from the microwave as they remain cool to the touch and easy to handle with this microwave safe technology.  Bowls and mugs with lids are all microwave safe. Enjoy warm coffee with a cool touch.

Live Culinaire not only offers the user food containers. This product is designed to allow consumers to dial a date on the container which in turn allows one to track the date that food was stored.  These plastic storage containers are of the finest food grade, airtight containers and are a must for any home kitchen. Dial plastic kitchen containers are excellent for tracking baby food meals. We place this product in the safety category as it allows users to determine food spoilage. We give gratitude to Branding Company, Joseph Joseph for best kitchen storage containers.

We then decided to have a little fun with lights on ice.  Turn your holiday cooler into a light show with Cooler Brightz.   LED Lights that sit on ice and give a brilliant green color to your ice.  A must for beach parties, patio parties, camping trips or any event which requires a cooler.   Turn your ice into something nice with COOLER BRIGHTZ.


Live Culinaire  (pronounced Live as in To Live) is a celebration of exquisite culinary and kitchen tool design, creativity, beauty and functionality.  It is an expression of appreciation and honors the exceptional talent behind these extraordinary products.

Founded in Atlanta, GA, Live Culinaire is the brain child of chef trained Dianne Jefferson.  Dianne has taken her background in corporate finance and combined it with the culinary arts.

A graduate of Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL, Dianne has worked for several international companies managing commercial credit portfolios.  She then decided to diversify her career by applying to The International Culinary School of The Art Institute of Atlanta where she studied the Foundations of Culinary Techniques, Pastry, Nutrition, American Regional Cooking and Food Safety. Please join us as we further explore the passion and vision of great kitchen product design; extend our journey and marry beautiful tools with beautiful food.