Whiskle Scrape & Whisk


With Whiskle Scrape & Whisk, you can whisk your batter and scrape the bowl simultaneously—allowing you to cut down on cooking time!


Simplifying two essential kitchen functions, the Whiskle Scrape & Whisk is a smart kitchen tool. It helps minimize time and effort in whisking and scraping batter.

Get two convenient kitchen tools in one with the Whiskle Scrape & Whisk! This stainless-steel whisker and scraper lets you simultaneously mix batter and scrape into a different container without having to reach for a separate utensil. Whether you’re mixing a cake or prepping pancake mix, this tool’s for you!

This innovative stainless steel whisk helps streamline a host of mixing tasks with its unique design, which incorporates a handy silicone bowl scraper.

It allows you to make batters and cake mixes with ease and helps empty bowls in double-quick time.

Perfect for pancakes, cake mix and eggs, this useful utensil will quickly become an essential in your kitchen.

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