Whiskle Scrape & Whisk


With Whiskle Scrape & Whisk, you can whisk your batter and scrape the bowl simultaneously—allowing you to cut down on cooking time!


Gourmet Whisks that save time and energy.

Simplifying two essential kitchen functions, the Whiskle Scrape & Whisk is a smart kitchen tool and the very best of gourmet whisks. It helps minimize time and effort in whisking and scraping batter and sauces.

Get two convenient kitchen utensils in one with the Whiskle Scrape & Whisk! This stainless-steel whisker and scraper lets you simultaneously mix batter and scrape into a different container without having to reach for a separate utensil. Whether you’re mixing a cake or prepping pancake mix, this tool’s for you!

This innovative stainless steel whisk helps streamline a host of mixing tasks with its unique design, which incorporates a handy silicone bowl scraper.

It allows you to make batters and cake mixes with ease and helps empty bowls in double-quick time.

Perfect for pancakes, cake mix and eggs, this useful utensil will quickly become an essential in your kitchen.

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