Dial Food Storage set of 3


The Dial Food Storage containers help you cut back on food wastage by letting you date the food you store!



Need an effective food storage solution? Invest in our superior quality food storage containers. Designed to offer and save space, you can store these efficient, compact containers anywhere, from your fridge to cabinets. Simply, secure and optimize storage for your meals!

Dial Food Storage offers you some of the best in quality kitchen storage containers, with a design that focuses on saving space and being conducive to an organized cupboard.You can also cut back on wasting food by setting the date of storage using the dial. As far as containers for food storage go, you won’t find anything better out there!

Date it. Don’t Waste it. Our Dial range of food storage containers are designed to stop food waste by allowing you to date the contents using a rotating dial on the lid. It can easily be set to any date, so by choosing either the use by date or the date you stored the food, you can make sure it’s used before spoilage. These stackable plastic food storage boxes come in a range of sizes and are perfect for use in the fridge or freezer.

In the UK and US, the average household throws away anywhere between 25-35% of the food and drink it purchases, mainly due to food spoilage.” Keeping track of “Best Before” and “Use by” dates is a tricky task and if there is any doubt about a food’s condition it is usually thrown out. The Dial Storage Container offers the perfect solution.

“Joseph Joseph takes safety to a new level with its Dial Storage Containers that allow food to be stored and dated.” – Dianne

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