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Design Solutions


Cake Servers that function as cake knives, slicers and servers all in one.

Serving Bowls and Mugs that heat foods but stay cool in the microwave.

Self Tapping Sifters that sift, sieve and strain.

Whisks that blend batter and scrape bowls; two kitchen tools in one

Food Storage Containers that actually dial the date to track storage and spoilage.

Cooling Ceramic Service Bowls and Crafes that keep foods and beverages cool for hours.

Tongs that flip and turn foods with ease.

Cooler Brightz that light up your cooler for night time pool and deck parties.

We provide you with modern kitchen design solutions to bridge the gap between what you need from your kitchen utensils and what they provide. The typical kitchen tool design is left in the dust with our innovative, multi-purpose gadgets. From tongs that flip and lift to cake servers that also function as a knife, we’ve got it covered.


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