Must-Have Kitchen Utensils Every Chef Needs

July 21st, 2017 | Kitchen Tools

When it comes to kitchen utensils, there are so many products out there that make cooking an art. We have pens, staplers, notepads, and other stationery at our workplace.

All of these help us when we’re planning our work or noting important details.

Similarly, the kitchen is our workplace. And the kitchen counter is our desk, your canvas so to speak. When we’re cooking, we need our cooking ‘stationery’.

With that in mind, here are must-have cooking utensils that every chef should have in their kitchen:

Spatulas: Spatulas are multi-purpose, helping stir-fry veggies, poaching eggs, and taking care of sticky foods in the pan. One of the best things about spatulas is that they are sturdy, hard to break.

The ‘spoon’ spatula is good for making/poaching eggs. It’s also good scraping corners of the pan where grease can stick. And one of the best features of a spoon spatula is that it does not leave a stain.

In addition, stainless steel spatulas are also good for baking purposes. You can use them for icing, spreading frosting over cakes, sliding them under cookies, spreading batter etc.

Turner Tongs: Tongs make everything better. This is because they’re used for various purposes, the most important being, saving you from painful experiences. Use them for grabbing food that’s being cooked in pans, and for flipping/folding when marinating food.

Larger tongs make it easier to grab food because they give you better grip and control.

Cool Touch Bowls: Cool touch bowls—specifically M Cuisine’s cool touch bowls—are perfect for your kitchen needs.  Remove bowls from the microwave without burning yourself.

Food Storage Containers: Food storage containers help organize the kitchen. They’re great for storing leftover food and reducing waste.  Dial Food Storage Containers allow you to dial and date foods.

In addition, you can use the containers to organize your kitchen counter as well. De-clutter everything by keeping utensils inside the containers.

At Live Culinaire, we offer all types of kitchen tools for chefs and homeowners. Not only are these tools aesthetically beautiful, they’re built using state-of-the-art technology. From creative mugs to turner tongs and food storage containers, we have all the kitchen utensils you need! Browse through our product collection or visit our website for further information or feel free to contact us for questions/queries!