Brilliant Tips for Freezer Organization

August 25th, 2017 | Tips and Tricks

While refrigerators help keep leftover foods fresh, it can be difficult storing everything without cramming it all together. Sometimes you’re left with no space and a ton of food.  From meats to vegetables and certain types of fruits, there’s only so much you can store in a small space.

While it can be difficult to organize your freezer, it’s not impossible. With a few simple tips, you can make the process easier:

Remove the Original Packaging:

One very important and useful tip: don’t use the original packaging to store food. Not only do you have frozen solids but bulky packages to fit into the freezer. When you have packages that are the size of a shoebox, you’ll have a difficult time organizing and storing everything. Just because you bought them in their original box does not mean you have to store them in the same box.

Use Food Storage Containers

Instead of using the original packaging, use food storage containers. They’re durable, reliable and handy. One big problem with using the original packaging is that after some time, the cardboard-like material starts deteriorating. But with storage containers, you’ll be able to keep stock fresh without worrying about containers breaking or deteriorating.

In addition, you can purchase these in different sizes and there’s a dial that helps you add a date to the containers.

Label and Date Everything

When you pack stock in food storage containers, make sure to label and date everything. This will certainly help when you need to remove items. Instead of rummaging through the freezer, you can find what you need through the label and date.

Buy Stock Accordingly

Organized chefs plan food purchases. Always buy foods according to your needs. If you decide to shop weekly, buy enough to last for 3 or 4 days. Leftovers can of course, be frozen.

You can also store certain herbs like coriander and mint by chopping and freezing these items in a plastic bag. Use freezer bins inside your fridge to store small food items and cans.

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